Our firm handles major real estate transactions in Israel and abroad and has extensive experience in representing entrepreneurs, developers, property owners and potential purchasers. We provide assistance with a full spectrum of development transactions, including partnership structures, lending and bank financing agreements, and other complex construction transactions.

Our firm provides full range of legal services that address all aspects of real estate acquisition and financing, tenders, commercial and construction agreements and disputes, including in the following areas:

•    Property development and construction, including legal advice from the first stages of planning and design throughout construction regulations and day-to-day operations.
•    Property finance, in particular, advice on the full range of financing and funding options of real estate developments.
•    Property taxation, including Land Appreciation Tax, Land Betterment Duty and Municipal Tax.
•    Tenders for commercial and residential building projects, including advising on the submission process and representing the companies issuing the tenders or the bidders on tenders.
•    Environmental law and, in particular, advising on the environmental aspects of property and corporate transactions.
•    Regulatory matters, including negotiating and obtaining necessary permits from the Lands Authority, the largest owner of land in Israel, and assistance with compliance programs relating to land use, health and safety regulations and environmental laws.
•    Advising on local and national laws, in particular obtaining planning consents and, where necessary, conducting appeals and judicial review of local and national planning committee decisions.
•    Dispute resolution arising from commercial agreements.

Real Estate Taxation
Tax issues often play a central role in the economic consequences of real estate transactions.  As an integral aspect of our real estate practice, we advise clients on taxation issues that arise with respect to real estate assets, ranging from the purchase and sale of individual apartments to large-scale development projects.

Our advice on real estate taxation matters encompasses the following issues:
•    Tax planning as part of structuring the transaction and on an ongoing basis
•    Providing legal opinions on complex real estate tax issues
•    Representing clients before tax authorities in pre-ruling situations
•    Representing clients with respect to tax assessments and appeals.

Real Estate Litigation
As a complement to our real estate practice, we specialize in real estate-related litigation.  We have particular experience in cases involving large-scale land expropriations and compensation claims in land use matters.  We also represent clients in litigation and regulatory proceedings regarding city building plans and proposed changes in land use.

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